Skin plan

We’ve got a skin treatment and product plan for everyone.

We create your skin treatment just for you and your unique skin concerns.

We’ll help you with tricky teen skin, acne, unwanted hair, inflamed or hormonal skin, aging skin, scarring, enlarged pores, rosacea, pigmentation — you name it.

If you’ve got great skin you want to maintain or you simply want something pampering at the end of a hard week or before a big event, then we’ve got the treatment and product plan for you, too.

Need help choosing?

Please do get in touch with one of our helpful staff members to help you on your journey to skin health.


Incredible! I’ve had skin treatments before, but not a score on that. You’ve got it woman!

Christine.T. Palmerton North

Helen is wonderful at what she does and I trust her 100% with my skin care needs. She is knowledgeable and diligent in researching and using the best products that truly make a difference in the skin appearance. This dedication, of course, ensures fantastic results for her clients. Helen team also share her philosophies on skin care, guaranteeing a continuation of excellent client service.


I do just have a skin care regimen its a mixture of healthy products and Helen focus on the wellbeing of my skin. A perfect, winning combination.


All of the products skinfocus sources are proudly 100% cruelty free.

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