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We’re here to help you look great and feel great in the skin you’re in.

When it comes to healthy, beautiful skin, everyone’s starting point is different. That’s where we come in. 

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How it works

With our advice, beauty treatments and products, we’ll develop a programme designed to suit your stage of life, lifestyle and preferences.

You’ll find us in the heart of Aro Valley, Wellington.

Meet Courtney, our Clinic Coordinator. She is your friendly first point of call in the clinic, online with our webstore and on social media. 

Courtney’s journey with skinfocus started as a client with her own skin struggles. Cystic acne and acne scarring. The kind of skin condition that took control of her perception of herself and the way she interacted with others.

“I felt self-conscious in my own skin.”

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We’ve carefully selected all our products and stock only the world’s most luxurious yet effective
brands, including dermaviduals, Environ and Jane Iredale.

Skin supplements

The overall health of your body plays a key roll in the heath and appearance of your skin. We have sourced a small but effective range of high strength practitioner supplements to help you on your skin health journey. 


In clinic treatments

If your main concern is pigmentation, but you had a breakout, we can treat both. Whilst sensitive and reactive skins need TLC, wrinkles can also be targeted at the same time.

Home facial experience

We know that it’s not always possible to visit your favourite beauty salon or beauty therapist. So we have come up with some ‘home spa’ experiences that are equivalent if not better than treatments you can get a some of the most top notch spas.


I am now in my early sixties and constantly get told ‘No way you look that age! I thought you were in your fourties. Your skin is wrinkle-free and glowing.’ I take the compliments but I know that without Helen’s passion for holistic skin care, those glowing comments would not be happening. A lot of those commenters are now Helen’s clients enjoying also the benefit of her skills.


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