Skin analysis

75-minute advanced skin analysis

Want to get to the bottom of a tricky skin condition? Just want to know where your skin is at by making the most of our advanced diagnostic technology? Come in and sit down with a fully-qualified therapist to discuss your skin and get a tailored treatment and product plan.

1 hour 15 minutes
$157 with a $50 voucher to use on any product purchase

30-minute express skin analysis

Time poor? This one’s for you. Fill out an online questionnaire then book time to spend with a fully-qualified therapist online at your convenience. At the end, you’ll receive a skin treatment and product plan.

30 minutes

Teen acne

5 weeks between photos, 3 skin care products, 2 skin supplements and 1 skin treatment. After a Clear Start Teen Skin Analysis, a few diary changes were made, some lifestyle tips and some education on how the skin as an organ works with other parts of the body. The dots were joined together and the skin made a vast improvement is such a short amount of time. Sometimes all it takes is someone to say something in a different way and it can all click into place for someone.

Eye skin strength in your 50's

5 weeks between photos, 4 skin care products and 2 one hour skinfocus skin treatments. A client of skinfocus for a while, we decided to take things up a gear with skin treatments 

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