Accelerated Skin Aging By The Sun – Sabine Theeuwes


Delicious when the sun is out!

Is it a bit cloudy and gray and immediately everyone starts
grumbling about the weather. We stay inside more easily, take the car instead of the bicycle (imagine it will rain).

When the sun starts to shine again you suddenly see people everywhere, walking and cycling, talking and smiling. What is that with the sun? When the sun shines everything seems nicer, happier and cozier. When we are brown we look “good”.

Unfortunately the sun also has negative influences, sunburn can cause skin cancer. Sunlight also causes skin aging.


Did you know that 90% of age changes are caused by the sun?


Just put a rubber band in the sun for a few days, it doesn’t matter if you put it behind a window or something in the sun. Stretch it out after a few days, you will see that the rubber band is no longer elastic or even crumbles completely apart. Sunlight also damages the elastic fibers in the skin, in the long term the elasticity of the skin deteriorates and wrinkles are created. You naturally want to prevent this!

Regular smearing with a low factor is much better that single-time smearing with a high factor.



This is because the factor determines the number of times you can stay in the sun longer. If your skin starts to burn after 30 minutes without protection, it will take 20 times longer with a factor of 20. In this example, you will only start burning after 10 hours. But don’t be fooled, this is the theory.

In practice it is different and you have to relubricate every one to two hours. This is because the effect of the product diminishes quickly because it is rubbed off by drying or lying on a towel or beach chair, or simply because you rub your body and face briefly.

Most people also do not use enough sun cream for an entire body, you need about 35 ml to be well protected. You can compare this with 2 to 3 tablespoons.

Apply your sunscreen at least 30 minutes in advance. If you always forget this, choose a sun cream with a mineral filter. Don’t forget your lips and ears!

The skin needs extra care in the sun.



Because intense UV radiation has a skin-aging and skin-drying effect, it is important to hydrate them extra well with liposomes * and to take extra care of them with natural oils and vitamins. The sun protection products themselves therefore also contain these ingredients, and not the usual mineral oil (petroleum oil), preservatives and fragrances. These commonly used ingredients do not have a hydrating and caring effect and can dry out the skin or lead to an allergy.



Your body must also be protected in winter and in foggy weather

Even in winter or in cloudy / foggy weather your skin is exposed to the UV rays, so even then you need good protection. This protection does not necessarily have to be a sunscreen. If you use products that contain a lot of vitamin E, then your skin has created a natural buffer against the sun’s rays and you have a factor of 6, which is sufficient for the winter or for cloudy / foggy days.




It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Sabine Theeuwes. Sabine and I met on and advanced training course at Dermaviduals HQ at the KOKO factory in Leichlingen, Germany. Sabine owns and operates Iduna Skin Clinic in Turnhout, Belgium. I soon learned that Sabine had had a slightly different training, coming
from the other side of the world and I was fascinated to hear her methods and experiences. So refreshing to hear a new take on things.
Sabine with various certificates for the treatment of acne, skin diagnostics, ingredient science and cosmetic knowledge for advanced users, has specialised in skin health and skin therapy since 2015. Her own personal frustration with eczema that marred her face was her driver. And she knows the far-reaching consequences a skin problem can have on ones self-image and confidence. I’ll look forward to seeing Sabine again, hopefully next year and say welcome and thank you from us all on the Skin Revolution!