Window of Opportunity to Peel

by | Nov 16, 2017 | skin care, skincare

When I say peel, I mean ”to stimulate healthy cellular turnover,” not to peel off layers of skin.

As you know, at skinfocus we don”t support scrubbing and excessive skin removal because your dead skin cells are actually an important part of your skins defense strategy.

Many people at this time of year have trouble adjusting to the extreme temperature change. Your skin is exposed to extremes of cold (out in the elements, in Wellington especially,) and hot turning the heating up in your car or home, having hot hot showers etc.

Your skin unwittingly being exposed to the harsh elements, willsquealunder pressure and you will get the dry, tight and sometimes even stinging skin sensations.

Having a gentle regenerative peel a few times during the winter months will help your skin to cope with the harsh environment. It will also realign your skins natural barrier defense layers, help to rid your skin of the sun damage caused by this year”s lovely long hot summer, bring up and get rid of nasty impurities lying under the skins surface, and the one we all love…….stimulate collagen production!

There is only a small window of opportunity at skinfocus to have a ”˜Skin Regeneration Treatment, that”s May to September, now is the time. Preparing your skin for these treatments is important too, after all there is no point getting rid of this years sun damaged cells and impurities only to uncover more damaged cells underneath.

Come in for anAdvanced Skin Analysisand after 3 weeks skin prep, you could be the one having a treatment and unveiling healthy pristine skin.

Skin Treatment Therapist.

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