What’s the Point of a Toner?

by | Nov 16, 2017 | skin care, skincare

A question I often get asked, and it”s a good question. Is it just an extra step to put into your routine? Or an extra product that you simply “must” buy?

Two things that applying a watery substance in-between cleansing and moisturising can do for you are……. help clean away the final bits of debris that have been left over by your cleanser, and make your skin slightly damp so that your moisturiser will get sucked into your skin.

Things that a old fashioned typical toner won”t do for you……..improve the firmness of your skin or as the name would imply “tone” your skin. A toner won”t improve the appearance of your pores. A typical toner won”t look after your skins natural layer of oil that is there to protect you from outside pollutants. An alcohol based toner will actually strip that layer off.

So I would say it”s time to review your toner. Does the one sat in your bathroom have a place in your routine anymore? Is it stripping probably the tiny bit of natural oil you have left off the surface of your skin?

There are some great product lines out now that have come up with toners that will give to your skin rather than take away. These toners can help to boost your skin care instead of stripping back the ph balance. And if you are a true oily skin type, there are even toners out there that help to regulate the secretions that exude from your pores. How great is that!

For any advice on whether or not the toner sat at home should be made redundant or to find out which toner is right for you, pleasecontact usfor free and friendly advice.

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