In my 20 years working in this industry, I feel so fortunate to be able to help you with your skin conditions and future proofing with preventative practice. Janine Tait and I were only talking on Tuesday about how lucky we are to be working in the health and wellbeing industry NOW.

It’s such an exciting time. And we love that you’re along for the ride.

When working with the skin care products, we at skinfocus like to take the ‘Outside In’ approach.

There are many many exciting ingredients in our cabinets that can directly penetrate the skin cell and even work on your DNA. It’s absolutely mind blowing what can be done these days.

But studies over that last 50 years have shown with certainty that the upper most layer of the skin, (the skin you can see and feel on the surface,) has diverse 

and numerous functions, all being essential for maintaining homeostasis. 

The surface of your skin protects:

  • The acid mantle (microbiome of the skin, bacterium, viruses and fungi)
  • The environment for healthy cells (oil and water surrounding your skin cells.)
  • Actively feeding the cell (your skin cell receptors and cell internals.)
  • Collagen and elastin skin strength (the proteins produced by a certain cell in the lower levels of your skin.)
  • Blood supply to your skin.
  • Skin healing and getting rid of waste (skin immune system)

To quote Professor Albert Kilsman, widely regarded as the father of cosmeceuticals,

Whenever you see inflamed skin, regardless of the cause, it means the stratum corneum [upper levels of the skin] is leaky and permeable. But, if you repair the stratum corneum, that tells the underlying issues that they don’t have to keep reacting like there’s danger in the environment.

Professor Albert Kilsman


Recent clinical studies show that having disorders with the upper levels of your skin are attributed to inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis. So repairing the surface of your skin, (your skin barrier,) is far more important to begin with, than trying to cram every anti-aging ‘trick in the book’ into your skin cells to get those results.

Think of your skin as a house. We build the general wooden frame structure, but then with the bad weather coming we should put the roof on so that damp and mould and rot don’t start to ruin the structure within. Keeping the upper levels of your skin intact at all times is key. Hence we work from the ‘outside in’ with skin care. And that way, the skins’ inflammatory and immune systems are not stimulated unnecessarily. i.e. skin conditions triggered such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and rosacea.

So therefore things like scrubs and harsh peels are not going to help your skin conditions, including ageing.

This is 8 weeks between pictures and after 3 skinfocus skin treatments.

Improvement to strength of skin around mouth and cheek area.  Notice also the inflammation patch to the side of the chin (perioral dermatitis,) is calmed and the skin is brighter.

Home care was; a milk cleanser, corrective tonic, low level vitamin A moisturiser, night oil and balm and antioxidant SPF 15. Home microneedling was introduced half way through the treatment after the inflammation was calmed.

Next time, we’ll be talking about the skin microbiome – the acid mantle.
Please do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about your skin or the self love program. We’re only too happy to help.

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