We all know the words collagen and elastin. They’re buzz words used in the world of beauty marketing. But have you ever had this stuff explained to you? And, if you do have a fair idea of what this stuff is, do you know how to get the best out of it?

Well I’m glad you’re reading this. Because this is the ‘down-low’ on that holy grail – ’eternal youth’ and everlasting collagen and elastin.

Does everlasting collagen sound too good to be true?

It’s not. It will last your lifetime. And if you do take the correct care of it, therein lies the key to eternal youth.


Collagen and elastin are proteins. They help to lubricate joints, hold our blood vestals up, take care of cartilage, tendons, muscles and keep your skin strong.
The secret is to take care of a type of cell that lives deep down in the skin. These cells are call fibroblasts. As Janine Tait said in your last ‘Spring your Skin into Summer’ support;

“Our fibroblast cells are basically anti-ageing factories. They pump out collagen and elastin – if, and only if, they have the key nutrients required to produce them.”

Janine Tait - New Zealand’s leading Dermo Nutritionist.


Having and maintaining good quality collagen and elasin will make you look good outwardly. Your skin will be strong and wrinkles will be less. And inwardly your joints will be well oiled with the lovely stuff so you’ll stay more active for longer.
And those key nutrients are… vitamins A, B, C, E, K, manganese, copper peptides, zinc, iron, bioflavonoids, silicon allied with magnesium and calcium, selenium and amino acids.

Basically; take your Bestow Beauty Powder and Be Cleansed along with a varied healthy diet and you should be covered. That’s why we stock this great stuff for you!


And in your skin care we have the vitamins, amino acids (peptides) and lovely bioflavinoids along with the zinc, to feed your skin from the outside keeping it healthy and strong. Keeping you looking young and protecting you from the elements.


Now we have improved the quality of your collagen and elastin, it’s all about the quantity produced. With age, sun exposure and illness the quantity of collagen and elastin produced diminishes. But all is not lost. We can fire up those fibroblast cells, those little collagen producing factories, to pump out more and more collagen. And guess what??? You never run out of collagen!!! You’ll even carry on producing a little after you’re dead! WOW!

Having treatments here with us such as Microneedling or LED skin treatments, or even at home you can use your home roller. We call this Collagen Induction Therapy. It’s a WAKE UP call to those fibroblast cells without putting your skin at risk and without any negative side effects.

Myself and the team here at skinfocus love the era of skin treatment technology we’re in right now. We can use ethical ways to achieve a natural result. And result we do!

8 weeks. 3 skinfocus skin treatments.

Strengthening to the eye area. Crows feet almost gone, frown lines softened and pigmentation has been improved.

Home care; cream cleanser, ceremide moisturiser with vitamin A and anti-inflammatory serums added, vitamin A, C and E night mask and home microneedling.

A family history of joint problems?

All the more reason to take care of the quality and quantity of your collagen. If arthritis runs in your family, you generally have a poorer quality collagen. It’s genetics and will affect the quality of your skin. But do come to see us. Let us know about this and we can structure your skin’s future with this in mind.

Till next time.

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