When I studied dermo-nutrition (skin nutrition) I discovered that there are specific nutrients the skin requires for anti-ageing.

Our fibroblast cells are basically anti-ageing factories. They pump out collagen and elastin - if, and only if, they have the key nutrients required to produce them.

Key nutrients required are copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, silicon, zinc, iron, vitamins A, C, K, E, B-complex, bio-flavanoids and amino acids.

That’s a long list of nutrients, and if your body is low in even one of them, it will limit the amount of collagen and elastin your skin cells can produce. This is known as the law of the limiting factor and it’s one reason I put so much emphasis on addressing nutrient deficiencies.

The second reason is that the skin is the last organ in the body to receive nutrients. The body takes what it needs first and the skin gets the left-overs!  To compensate for this we need to make sure we get a good daily supply of the key nutrients needed for skin health.

The Problem with Our Modern Diet

I encourage my clients to eat a balanced, whole-foods diet with plenty of locally grown, organic produce, but even the best diet usually needs a boost.  I recommend you harness the power of super foods to fill the nutritional gaps left by our modern diet and provide these key nutrients. 

We are facing an uphill battle against modern food production methods. The fruit and vegetables our grandparents ate were very different in nutritional quality to what we eat today.  For starters, they usually grew their own fruit and vegetables themselves in compost rich soils. Food scraps went straight back into the soil which ensured that the plants were rich in the vitamins and minerals our body needs.

Today, the produce we buy from the supermarket is often not locally grown.  By the time our food reaches us and is stored for months, many of the nutrients are degraded.  On top of that, most of our soils are fed with fertilizer, not compost.  Fertilizer provides only a limited range of nutrients compared to the organic feast that compost fed plants offer.

Bestow Skin Nutrition Boosters

This is why I developed Bestow Beauty Powder and Bestow Be Cleansed powder. They are organic skin nutrition boosters which provide the nutritional building blocks the skin needs to thrive and function well.

They contain a skin-friendly blend of superfoods such as organic cold pressed flaxseed, pumpkin and coconut flour, blackcurrant extract, organic spirulina and kelp, alfalfa leaf and organic wheat leaf, slippery elm, licorice – which between them contain an extraordinary amount of nutritional value for skin.

Bestow Smoothies are a fantastic way to get a daily feast of skin nutrients. The Bestow Love Your Gut Smoothie contains Bestow Beauty Plus Oil, Bestow Beauty Powder and Bestow Be Cleansed powder. These skin nutrition boosters offer an array of superfoods for skin health. Bestow Be Cleansed powder in particular promotes digestive health and gut healing. It contains liquorice, slippery elm, organic sulphur and L-glutamine which help to heal and repair the gut wall. 

Smoothies are also a great way to get ahead of the 3pm blood-sugar dip!  They provide a health-supporting and energizing snack that sets you up well for making positive choices for your evening meal.

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Please let me introduce Janine Tait. Janine is New Zealand’s leading dermo-nutritionist, a holistic skincare educator and the founder of Bestow Beauty, a fast-growing wellness company which offers a beautiful range of organic skin nutrition superfood blends, recipes and rituals to nourish skin from within. Over the program, Janine is going to exclusively give you an insight about how to nourish and strengthen your skin from the inside-out.

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