I like to think of a cell, (in our case a skin cell,) as a spiky ball. All the organelles and DNA on the inside waiting for food so it can do the job it was programmed to do. And the spikes on the outside as little gateways with locks on the front gate. These are called the cell receptors.

The gateways or cell receptors will only accept the substance they were made for. So a vitamin A receptor will only accept the key for vitamin A. A vitamin C receptor will only accept the key for vitamin C. An estrogen receptor will only accept the key for estrogen and so on.

This protects the inner cell from foreign substances and ultimately cell death.

Pretty cool hey?

That’s why eating a varied and balanced diet full of nutrient rich foods is so important as Janine Tait, New Zealand’s leading Dermo Nutritionist, has been telling us. The Bestow ‘Love Your Gut Cleanse,’ is all about helping your body to absorb these nutrients so that you can reap the benefits. And on a cellular level; so the goodies from your diet can reach the cells especially the outer most cells, your skin cells.

But what happens when the vitamins, minerals and hormones reach your cells and the gateways are in a bad way?


It’s such a pity for the substances your cell needs to be healthy, to travel all that way only to be shut out.

By feeding your skin with the correct lipids, ceramides, vitamins and anti oxidants in your skin care, we can make sure your gateways stay well maintained. Security is kept to a high standard. And even create more high quality gateways in order to get more of the good stuff into your skin cells and have optimum skin health.

How? I hear you ask.

Well I’m glad you asked. To get your spikes, (cell receptors,) standing on end and ready to receive, we need to have good oils and water to surround your skin cells. Ever wonder why we at skinfocus and the team at Bestow Beauty keep banging on about taking oils, good fats and drinking water? This combination has your skin cells swimming in beautiful lipid bi-layers, as Nirvana covered in one of your previous support emails.

When your cells are bathing….they’re behaving.

 (Ha! I just thought of that.)

Then, with the introduction of vitamins, this actually gets your skin cells to create more cell receptors. Thus allowing more of the good stuff into your skin cell. Wow!

We are all actually born with more cell receptors and they diminish with age and exposure to our environments. So what we’re really doing is turning back the clock. Amazing!!!

So if you’re using the ceramide rich Dermaviduals products or the vitamin rich Environ range, along with a healthy diet and a good intake of water…..your skin cells will be laughing on the inside.

Happy complexion, happy reflection.

Oh I’m full of it today aren’t I?

Till next time.

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