If You Feel Like You Need to Exfoliate

by | Nov 16, 2017 | skin care, skincare

It”s that time of year again that most people find they have dry skin or rough patches. You may feel like the most natural thing to do is give your skin a good scrub. Well please don”t.

At skinfocus we don”t condone scrubbing the skin on your face. You will damage the skins natural barrier defence system and promote more dry rough textured skin. Please read a previous blog ”˜The Changing Times of Exfoliation” to help you understand why.

But fear not, help is at hand. Some more modern skin care brands have come up with numerous ways of giving you the relief of getting rid of that dry tight or patchy feeling without harming those precious dead skin cells and layers of water and oil that are there to protect us.

Acidsounds like a scary word but there are good ones and bad ones for our skin. That”s a whole other blog right there (another time perhaps.) There are gentle acids, usually found in the toners that exfoliate and hydrate your skin at the same time. Really clever and just what your skin needs at this time of year.

Look out for the main one ”˜Lactic Acid” and other ingredients such as ”˜Sodium Lactate” ”Ammonium Lactate” and ”˜Urea.” Be careful if you have sensitive skin; always go for the lighter option.

If you have a ”true oily” skin type (and remember that”s only a tiny 3.4% of you,) then a Salicylic Acid may be the one for you. Make sure you”re not allergic to Aspirin for this one.

Using gommageis a beautiful way of rolling off the dead skin cells that are ready to come off. After cleansing, apply a thin layer of the soft clay then gently rub in a circular motion until you find that little balls start to form. The little balls act like an eraser, gently taking away excess dead skin cells without using abrasive scrubs or harsh peels.

Or you could simply try using a dampface clothto remove your cleanser twice a day. That should be enough exfoliation for anyone with a healthy skin. Remember to use a clean one each time.

Preventingthat dry skin feeling by using vitamins, particularly vitamin A in your skin care, drinking plenty of water and taking high quality Omega 3 supplements is the best measure. But we can”t avoid these cold snaps that take us by surprise.

Contact usif you have any questions about skin health and products. Stay warm, Helen.

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