What Has Detox Got to do With Your Skin?

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Health, skin care

First of all, happy new year. Hope you all had a good one and enjoyed the season of indulgence.I know I did. Right, back to the business of skin. What does a detox and a healthy lifestyle mean for your skin? Well lets think about your body as a whole first. You are what you eat, yes? And your body can only run with what you give it, yes? Put good stuff in and you feel more energised and happier. Put bad stuff in (and I am sure we all have over the silly season,) and your body will run low on energy, you are tired lethargic and a bit cranky. Now take that down on to a cellular level.

Each and every one of your cells reacts the same way as your body. It takes fuel in, creates energy to kick off the processes it’s programmed to do, and gets rid of waste. If you give your skin cells healthy vitamins and minerals, the cell will be well equipped to do the job it’s meant to do like protect your body from the environment outside, regulate your temperature, eliminate pathogens and heal abrasions.

By getting your blood flowing with movement and exercise you can deliver nutrients and oxygen via the bloodstream, and the waste the cell creates can be taken away with a well stimulated lymphatic system.Over the coming weeks I ‘ll be posting blogs with tips on health, detoxifying and wellness.  Easy tips for you to follow and slowly build into your lifestyle for long-term use. 2013 can be a healthy year for your body and it will show on your skin first.

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