Helen has introduced our ‘outside in’ skin care approach that gets the results everyone desires.  After we’ve rebuilt the skin barrier ‘the roof’ and repaired the acid mantle so the microbiome can flourish, we can then go a touch deeper and focus on creating a healthy environment for the skin cell.

What kind of environment supports a skin cell?  It’s simple; lots of good oil, water and nutrients so the skin cells have the energy to do their job.

The skin is a living breathing organ made up of lots of 

teeny tiny cell structures that form tissues which work together to create the whole system. When given the right tender loving care and nutrients this organ does an incredible job at bringing the whole thing into alignment.

So first of all we need to remove anything that hinders the skins ability to perform, for example product ingredients such as irritating fragrances, chemicals such as high sunblocks, comedogenic substances (pore blocking) and parabens (preservatives). After that we can start to work on aligning the third line of defense the lipid bi-layers (oily layer) and building a healthy cell wall.

Lipid bi-layers = Waterproofing layer

This third line of skin defense keeps water out but more importantly helps prevent moisture loss through evaporation. This means water stays in our deeper skin layers which plays a key role in healthy glowing skin.

So how do we align the lipid bilayers?

  • The answer lies in the first word: Lipid aka, Oil.

  • A daily intake and application of Essential Fatty Acids to aid in the ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’ approach.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in our diet and skincare provide our skin cells the lipids required to build healthy permeable cell walls. This plays an important role of allowing good stuff (nutrients) in to the cell and the bad stuff (waste products) out of the cell and prepares the cell wall receptors to be switched on ready to receive nutrients.



This is 12 weeks between pictures and after 3 skinfocus skin treatments.
Skin’s lipid bi-layers aligned. Wrinkles are plumped out and the dull crepey skin is stronger and brighter. Pigmentation has also started to improve as the skin tone is more even.

Home care was; a lotion cleanser, moisturising corrective tonic, peptide eye gel, vitamin A moisturiser, vitamin oil for evening and antioxidant SPF 15.

Simply by feeding the skin an adequate supply of EFAs internally and topically we build strong healthy skin with a smooth texture and luminous glow.
Keep glowing.
Nirvana x

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