Skin Treatments

Vitamin Skin Treatments

A skin treatment range originally created to treat skin cancer by Dr. Des Fernandes, a world leading surgeon.
Environ skin care works by feeding your skin with the elements it needs to function. Vitamins A, C & E along with peptides and growth factors, treat your skin concerns such as pigmentation, ageing, acne and scarring

The Ionzyme DF Machine penetrates the various serums to the lower levels of your skin where the work needs to start correcting your damaged skin cells. Serums will penetrate 4000 times deeper with this machine than if topically applied.

The Environ Ionzyme DF Machine is used with all Environ Skin Treatments and each Tretment is specifically prescribed to your skins individual needs.

Welcome Skin Health Treatment 45 minutes $128

Environ Prescription Facial

Prescribed to suit your skins individual needs. Firstly targeting your main area of concern then treating your whole face. Vitamins peptides and growth factors will be penetrated to the lower levels of your skin, giving your skin cells the nutrients they need to produce healthy collagen, healthy skin defence and healthy skin communication.

1 Hour $170

Skin Regeneration Treatment

A gentle yet effective peel. Stimulating skin cells to regenerate, renew and increase collagen production. A course of treatments is highly recommended for skin conditions. Skin Treatment courses available Autumn/Winter 2016

45 mins $130

(NEW) Add On LED

Enhance your skin’s natural ability to correct challenging conditions including inflammation, acne, sensitivity, eczema, dematitis, rosacea and aging. Add this treatment to any skin treatment. For all skin types and ethnicities, for effective, painless and safe visable results.

15 mins $50

Add On Collagen Induction Therapy

Enhance any of your Environ treatments with “Collagen Induction Therapy.” By using the latest advancement in skin treatment technology, your cell to cell communication improves the overall health of your skin, induces your skins own collagen and helps the active ingredients in your treatment penetrate 14,000 times deeper than if topically applied.

15 mins $20

(NEW) Environ dfp 312â„¢

The quintessential Environ treatment. A gentle facial peel that stimulates the renewal of skin cells allowing the vital nutrients used, to penetrate the skin further than they have ever been before for maximum results.

1 hr 30mins $209


Enhance any of your skin treatments with a boost to an area of concern.

Upgrade Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment using anti-frown serum $55

Upgrade Cool Peel $41

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