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Ceremide Skin Treatments

Dermaviduals is a customised dermatological skin care solution that has been designed to optimally maintain the natural skin barrier defense and prevent the premature ageing process.  This skin care range is free of emulsifiers, parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines all of which have a negative impact on the overall health and performance of our skin.
The treatment based products resemble the structure of your skin, giving your skin what it wants and allowing powerful corrective ingredients to get to the source of the problem. 

It is dermatological skin care with an accurate and responsive delivery system.


Welcome Skin Health Treatment 45 minutes $128


Derma Corrective Treatments
Whatever your skin condition and concerns, we can tailor this treatment especially for you.  To calm or clear, brighten, firm and nourish we can choose from an array of scientifically researched ingredients and customise your blend.

This treatment includes a gentle enzyme peel to improve skin texture, stimulate collagen production and allow your customised blend to target the problem areas such as your eyes, mouth pigmentation or blemished areas.

A personlised mask is used to let active ingredients get to work, whilst you relax with a massage to take away the stress aches and pains.

1 hr                                                              $170


Rapid Repair Treatment
If you're short on time and want to improve your skin texture, skin tone, clear congestion and stimulate collagen production, then this is the treatment for you.  A deep cleanse followed by an enzyme peel and facial massage, clears the way for a vitamin enriched mask.  Relax with a pressure point massage and moisturise to finish.

30 mins                                                        $80


Add On Collagen Induction Therapy
Enhance any of your Dermaviduals treatments with “Collagen Induction Therapy.”  By using the latest advancement in skin treatment technology, your cell to cell communication improves the overall health of your skin, induces your skins own collagen and helps the active ingredients in your treatment penetrate 10,000 times deeper than if topically applied.  Can also be used at home.

15 mins                                                       $20


(NEW) Add On LED

Enhance your skin's natural ability to correct challenging conditions including inflammation, acne, sensitivity, eczema, dematitis, rosacea and aging.  Add this treatment to any skin treatment. For all skin types and ethnicities, for effective, painless and safe visable results.  

15 mins                                                         $50



Enhance any of your skin treatments with a boost to an area of concern.

Upgrade Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment using anti-frown serum $55