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Advanced Skin Analysis

An in-depth consultation with a fully qualified skin care therapist.  Using the most advanced diagnostic techniques in the world.  What are your main concerns?  We take into consideration your diet and lifestyle, your work/play balance and your previous skin care history.  What you will get from this, is a comprehensive plan of action to get your skin into shape and your skin concerns addressed.  By relating the cause of the skin concern to the effect it has on your skins cells and systems ultimately will lead to successful treatment of your skin.

This is a two step analysis, - an in depth consultation and a follow up appointment one week later.

1 hr 30 mins                                         $92


Clear Start - Teen Skin Analysis

Concise consultation with a fully qualified skin care therapist.  Factual digital skin readings are taken as well as a concentration of advice on diet and lifestyle.  Open to 13 - 17 year olds both male and female.  Incluedes a mini skin treatment to freshen skin and a demonstaration of how to conceal blemeshes, apply make-up for a natural everyday look, using true mineral make-up that won't block the skin, cause acne and sesitivity.

A special, simple digital infomation pack is also included for 'at home' support long after your analysis.

1 hr 15 mins                                         $130