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Porky Pies of the Lens

Wed, 14/12/2016 - 20:51 -- Name: helen

Up until recently the saying went; ‘The camera never lies.’  Well it does actually.  The amount of airbrushing involved in media pictures is shocking.  Sometimes they do it to make the subject look good.  


And sometimes they do it to make the object look bad. 

Heck, you can even filter with the pictures you take on your phone now.  We’re all professional photographers. 

I think most people have a very balanced view of what looks good and what does not.  But for some, this has led to unrealistic expectations when it comes to making some personal improvements. 

At the very top end of the scale, body dysmorphia.   This can happen to anyone, but I worry about the young people who have grown up with airbrushed this and filtered that their whole lives.  Here is an example of Katie Perry, face of the ‘Proactive’ ads.  Directly targeted to teenage skins  and airbrushed the whole way.

We owe it to the young ones to have confidence in how we look.  Still taking pride in our appearance, but letting the rays of confidence shine through and not trying to hide behind a filter. 

So have your fully made up days, and have your non make-up days.  Use your shape-wear underwear to slip into that figure hugging dress, but also let it all hang out on other days.  Use your best side and lift your chin in selfies.  And then stick out your tongue and get your double chin on in the next snap.  

Confidence is beautiful and will teach the next generation that there is no such thing as being perfect. 

Follow our Spring your Skin into Summer challenge to see real women doing it naturally and getting those real results through great skin care, healthy diet and a healthy mind.  The proof will be in the before and after pictures and you can rest assured that there is definitely no airbrushing going on here at skinfocus.  Helen barely knows how to load the pictures onto a computer.

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