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Production Line Poem

Sun, 19/04/2015 - 21:21 -- Name: helen

I typed up a whole blog about the care that has been taken to source, produce, transport and deliver your Environ product to you.  Quite frankly, it was a bit boring, so I have condensed it into this little ditty so it's a little more interesting.


Did you ever wonder how your Environ product came to be?  Well I'd like to tell you a little about this very special journey.

In Cape Town South Africa, Dr. Des was working away.  Perfecting the most important skin ingredient, the magical vitamin A.

Now when it came to manufacturing, not a lab in the land could be found.  He needed a place that was sterile, to deliver your product safe and sound.

So off he went and drew up plans to build a state of the art factory.  How many product lines can claim this?  Not enough sadly.

The medical grade facility worked brilliantly, and now he has built two.  Environ is so popular, the first factory they soon outgrew.

We know it works so well, as it has been third party tested.  The ‘Swiss Vitamin Institute’ has given it their stamp.   Now that is impressive.

The highest quality raw ingredients are sourced and carefully transported to site.  Environ don't add any preservatives to the formula because they protect it from the light.

A special light is used to work by, as well as filtered air.  The team wear protective clothing, including face masks and nets to cover their hair.

The facility is so sterile you could perform open heart surgery.  I'm quoting Dr. Des on that.  It's not imaginary.

The packaging is hugely important, and I guess it does make sense.  They use special plastic and special tubes with an airless pump in which to dispense.

Environ is distributed worldwide, and when en route avoids any x-rays.  The shipment is performed quickly for freshness, and doesn't hang around in loading bays.

Official distributors look after Environ, the precious elixir full time.  Environ is distributed through official channels and is NOT available on-line.

skinfocus orders your products weekly.  They are as fresh as they can be.  We store our products away from heat and light and they are handled very carefully.

Wow what a journey, from a, b, c to d.  How many other product lines can make these claims?  And how many brands give you results that you can see???

So when you take home your Environ, please keep in mind, the care that's been taken to give you, a beautiful skin for a lifetime.


If you have any questions about the creation and indeed the Environ skin care range itself, please don't hesitate to contact us.

I don't think I'll be giving up my day job to become a poet.  If you want to see me for what I'm really good at, contact us or book in for an Advanced Skin Analysis.

Helen Daly - Skin Treatment Therapist.