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Skin Health Treatment

$170/45 mins


(Give your skin and your home care regime a boost with a Specific Area Treatment.)

Soothing Eye Treatment

Relaxing pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage helps to drain away water retention from your eye area decreasing puffiness. The highest quality serums will soften and firm your fine lines and wrinkles whilst you relax with a soothing eye mask and a scalp massage.

$85/30 mins

Anti-Ageing Eye and Mouth Treatment

Using our most powerful anti-ageing peptides combined with cutting edge technology, we can soften and relax the muscles around your eyes and mouth that cause heavy frown lines and wrinkles. A non-invasive way to relax those muscles. See results within 2-3 hours.

$85/30 mins

Anti-Ageing Hand and Arm Treatment

Your hands and arms are exposed to the harsh elements as much as the skin on your face is, yet they tend to be left out when it comes to skin treatments. Enjoy a relaxing cleanse, exfoliation and a vitamin rich massage to restore your hands and arms to former youth.

$85/15 mins


Achieve striking eyes with simple tinting and shaping treatments.

Brow Shape or Lash Tint or Brow Tint


$32/15 mins

Lash and Brow Tint or Shape


$55/30 mins

Lash and Brow Tint and Shape


$70/30 mins


Shape & Paint Fingers

It”™s very important in today”™s society to have groomed nails, so sit back, relax and let us take care of that for you.

$40/15 mins

Maintenance Manicure

To maintain the health and tidiness of your nails, enjoy a nail shape, cuticle treatment, application of hand cream and application of your choice of polish.

$60/30 mins

Pristine Manicure

Sit back, relax and enjoy a hand and forearm exfoliation, nail shape, hand and arm mask and cuticle treatment. After a refreshing hot towel removal ease into a hand and arm massage and application of your choice of polish.

$99/60 mins


Shape & Paint Toes

It”™s so important to look after your feet. You only get one pair, so sit back, relax and let us take care of that for you.

$46/15 mins

Maintenance Pedicure

Enjoy a soothing foot soak followed by rasping to the soles of your feet, nail file, cuticle treatment, application of foot cream and application of your choice of polish.

$83/45 mins

Pristine Pedicure

Immerse your feet into a soothing foot soak whilst indulging in a foot and leg exfoliation. After rasping to the soles of your feet, enjoy a refreshing foot and leg mask whilst receiving nail and cuticle treatment. After a hot towel removal of the mask, relax with a foot and leg massage and application of your choice of polish.

$109/60 mins


All of our massages are tailored specifically to your needs. We use a combination of essential oils specifically to suit your state of mind and/or your physical requirements. A combination of massage techniques are used, tailored to your needs so your massage treatment is not confined to one specific method.

45 min Massage


$82/45 mins

30 min Massage


$60/20 mins

1hr Massage Full Body


$105/1 hr


Here at skinfocus we want to make your hair removal experience as relaxing as possible. To begin with we like to give you a little relaxation treat and you can rest assured that we use the most hygienic waxing systems and methods of sterilisation. If you are thinking about waxing as a hair removal option and a little hesitant, please feel free to call or come into the clinic and talk about it.

Treatments Costs Treatments Costs
Bikini $35 High Cut Bikini $52
Brazilian/Hollywood $95 Brazilian/Hollywood Maintenance $70
Underarm $35 Leg Wax $50
Leg Wax $56 Upper Leg Wax $55
Full Leg Wax $72 Leg, Bikini or Underarm $74
Leg, Bikini & Underarm $96 Full Leg, Bikini or Underarm $92
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm $115 Upper Lip Wax $32
Chin Wax $32 Lip & Chin Wax $41
Arm Wax $51 Full Arm Wax $55
Chest or Back Wax $60
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